…and better!

Oh my god, I love this place. I love these people.

I was just going over my schedule with Hoa, our office manager, so she knows where to reach me in an emergency after I leave, and mentioned that I’m coming back to the city on the 31st to ship my stuff (with the help of Amy, my boss, who has generously volunteered her car on that day).

“Why are you doing that?” Hoa asked. “Just bring your stuff here on Monday, label it, and we’ll send it out for you, timed for your arrival in Colorado.”

While I’m picking myself up off the floor and thanking her profusely for taking that on, another coworker, Julie, walks in, hears part of this discussion, and volunteers her car for Monday as well, if it’s too much for Amy’s car. All of a sudden, instead of bracing myself to take an eight-hour round-trip bus ride and trying to be as little of an inconvenience as possible, I have all these people volunteering to help, out of the blue, and everything will be taken care of on Monday. I have a home, my stuff will get there safely and on time, I have a plane ticket, and I can sleep in my new home the night I fly in. I can spend the next three weeks riding my bike in the woods and being with my folks without worrying about any of this stuff, because I’m surrounded by incredible, amazing people who care about me. I’m so blown away.


Woot! And life gets better.

I’m done with the project from hell. Forever.

I’ve got an apartment in Colorado, and it’s three times the size of my NY apartment, on a tree-lined street right between campus and the center of town.

My childhood babysitter and his husband are having me over for Friday night dinner, and I get to hang out with two of my best friends, Susan and Amy Cara, one last time this weekend.

I think I may be able to sell my computer instead of just throwing it out, which leaves only two chairs to feel guilty about.

I think my replacement at work is going to do a really fantastic job.

Things just keep getting better.

A friendly reminder for my fellow New Yorkers

I understand that video phones are a great way to capture an event for later and share it with others. However, when you know other recording devices will be used, such as high-quality video cameras for the ten-o-clock news, your video phone is redundant. Why hold your arms up for an hour to make a low-quality recording, thus blocking everyone’s view? What’s the point of being at an event in person if you can’t see past a sea of arms? Put your phones down. Enjoy the moment. If you really need to relive it later, you can Tivo the news on your hi-def set at home.