The Twilight Barnes and Noble

My favorite thing to do on weekends is go to Barnes and Noble, alone or with a friend, and park myself there for hours with a stack of books. So with a six-day weekend, of course I spent days there. (Yes, yes, I did other stuff as well.)

So on Sunday, I’m sitting there, and this guy asks if he can photograph me while I read. Then yesterday, I’m just sitting there, and one person after another strikes up hour-long conversations with me about race, Jane Austen, graduate school. And part of me’s thinking, “These are interesting people; I’m so glad I came here!” But part of me’s thinking, “This is weird. But awesome. I’ve got some serious mojo going on. *pause* Why the hell doesn’t stuff like this happen when I’m around nice Jewish men?”


Random thoughts

A little pissed off because I have to miss Shavuot this year, and it’s one of my favorite holidays. But I really need medical tests to figure out what’s wrong with me ASAP, and Thursday was the soonest they could fit me in. Which means no food and plenty of rest the night before, which means staying up all night studying and eating cheesecake is out of the question. Grrr.

Completely unrelated, I don’t get why all these fanfic/fanart challenges have their last few prompts as Artist’s Choice. I always think it would make more sense to have a full set of challenges, but tell people, “You can pick any five of these prompts that don’t work for your character/pairing and disregard them, and do something else instead.” Wouldn’t that make more sense?

Artses! And life changes, not mine.

My landlord has this thing where, instead of using our mailboxes, he hand delivers our mail with a gentle knock at our doorsteps. So I came home from work on Friday and sort of blinked in confusion at the oddly shaped envelope resting against my door with the rest of my mail. “Gee, that looks important. I wonder what… oh, yeahhhh!” And so I eagerly tore open the envelope to find the art I had bought from glockgal‘s art sale had arrived, and looked even prettier in person than it had as a digital image! I am so framing this.

In other art news, I got a serious ton of drawing done while sitting at the Seminary graduation. The day was kind of a balancing act, because I had to take minutes at a board meeting at the exact moment that my dad was conferring a blessing on a dear friend of mine, but my boss generously let me duck out of the meeting and took minutes for me so I could watch my friend burst into tears of joy. I’m so glad I got to be there at that moment. And then in the afternoon, like I said, I shivered under the tent and sketched as the various arms of the school conferred degrees and gave speeches (the cantors gave a choral performance).

But the rabbinic class speaker really blew me away. He said that their class started the year of 9/11, and their rabbinic training had been marked by fighting in Israel, Jordan, Iraq, Afghanistan and here at home, such terrible violence over ideology. How do you hear the still, small voice of God amidst such thunder and lightning? Do you shout to be heard over it? And he said he found the answer in the deliberations of the Law Committee this year over the question of homosexuality. The authors of the opposing papers were their teachers, and although the authors argued passionately and convincingly for their points and vehemently opposed the other side, they never said their students shouldn’t study with or listen to those the authors disagreed with. That mixture of passion and respect for the other side is what he feels his class has learned to bring with them into their future careers. His wisdom just blew me away.


I’ve got some kind of stomach bug, so I’ve been home sick for two days (and couldn’t think straight on Monday, either…). Might take tomorrow off, too, if I can, I just really feel lousy. But what’s really annoying is that I was supposed to present script pages for my TV writing course tonight, and I’ve been too out of it to write them (and I don’t think the class would thank me for spreading my germs anyway.)

On the other hand, I had such a wonderful weekend. I wandered around Union Square and Chinatown with Sam, eating ginger ice cream and partaking in free comic book day; I had a movie marathon with Susan and made her my vegetarian chili and she brought over (mmmm) chocolate pie, which was a tastebud revelation; and then Monday night I hung out with my dad for hours, drinking tea and talking. So, not happy to be sick, but in general life is good.