I’ve finished my Atlantis script for my TV writing class! It’s a smidgen short, but I’m gonna pad it out a bit, and the fight scenes would probably take up more time than the page suggests anyway. But yay! A whole 40-page thing that I’ve written recently that I’m proud of!

In other news, having my brother working three blocks away is the freaking awesomest thing ever. I mean, we already get together most weekends, but now we’re grabbing sandwiches together for lunch and suggesting dinner with possible movie marathons. You have to understand, with a 4-year age difference, we really never went to the same school, so we’re totally catching up on playground time. And it’s gonna be even better when he moves up here. I loves my brother, yes I do.


Fear is good

One of the interesting things about Lyme was that it totally changed how my body processed fear. Fear always made me nauseous, sick-scared, as I called it. (Not fun, especially when your report card tends to arrive on your birthday. Hard to eat cake in that state.) With Lyme, that reaction was totally cut off. I’d know intellectually that I had a lot to worry about, but I wouldn’t feel that nauseous panic, I’d just do what I needed to do. In general this year, I’ve felt fairly numb, like I really didn’t have a stake in my own life, like I was sleepwalking.

But the Lyme doesn’t seem to be a factor anymore. I’ve had emotional ups and downs this weekend the likes of which I haven’t felt since high school. I just made a colossal screw up at work and boy, I could throw up my stomach lining right now. I’ve never felt so relieved to feel so awful; I’m definitely not sleepwalking right now.

Trying to look on the bright side of things…