There’s a part of the bike path in Fort Collins where you have to make a sharp right turn in or out of a blind tunnel (right by the DQ, for those of you who are local). And for those going into the tunnel, you’re also going downhill, so you need to brake and come to an almost complete stop before making the turn.

I’m always careful to do all that, but apparently that wasn’t enough to save me from a ten-year-old speeding silently out of the tunnel and swerving all over the road because it was fun. I had to slam the brakes completely while my handlebars were already fully turned, so my bike tried to turn itself inside out and I hit the concrete.

It could have been a lot worse, but since I had already slowed down so much, I just got scraped palms, a scraped foot, and a suddenly artistically-ripped pair of jeans (Brand-new, brand-name, size-smaller jeans I had just treated myself to for losing the weight. Dammit.). Didn’t hit the kid, and didn’t wreck my bike. The kid’s dad stayed to make sure I was okay, at least. But I’m still a bit shaky.


Seriously, WTF?

Someone just meowed at me. In the library. Still scratching my head over that one, but I’m tentatively taking that as a compliment…

In other news, I got a job! Assistant to the director of the MFA program. I’m really excited about it, especially since it means working with a seriously awesome professor who gave me more than an hour of his time last year to talk about stuff regardless of the fact that I’d never taken a class with him.

Hard work pays off

Finally dropped the six pounds I gained during finals/home with the folks. Booyeah! And since I’ve actually gone down a size, I think I’ve lost more fat and put on some lean muscle. I’m going shopping for cute jeans right after work.

Still got about ten pounds to go until I’m at my goal, but if I can even lose five, I’ll be ecstatic.

Get to know your local creepy crawlies…

…before they get to know you.

The baby tarantula crawling up my pantsleg was actually kind of cute.

The brown recluse spider in my kitchen didn’t freak me out, mainly because I didn’t know how poisonous it was.

The sac spider an inch from my nose while I was doing pushups freaked me out, but I handled it like a pro.

Waiting to see which of them gave me the bite on my calf? REALLY SUCKED.

All’s well that ends well.

Total art squees!

Just found The Less-Than-Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal, and am scratching my head as to how I could have not known about this for two years! Freaking incredible art, beautiful storytelling, great characters, just amazing. Of course, now this means I’m addicted to a comic that probably won’t be finished and available for purchase for another two years, but what else is new?

While I’m on the subject, I can’t squee enough about Dylan Meconis’s Family Man, the prequel comic to Bite Me. Gorgeous, historically accurate art, and werewolves discussing Spinoza. Wow.

Makes me want to take up drawing again, even though I could never do anything on that level in my wildest fantasies.