Thesis musings

My relationship with my thesis is starting to shift as it gets closer to completion. I’m feeling much more proud of how it’s coming together, and I’m starting to notice odd themes running through my stories. All of them have to do with power dynamics shifting within families, and I noticed that from the beginning, but I just realized that someone dies in five of the seven stories, and in the remaining two, there’s a reference to a miscarriage and a focus on zombies, respectively. I’m apparently a very cheerful person.



Went to pull out my flash drive last night to get some major work done for thesis, and it’s missing. I’ve checked the computer lab, the English building, the student center, the library, and the campus police, and none of the lost-and-founds have it.

Now, thankfully, because I’m paranoid like that, everything was backed up. I’m pretty sure I haven’t lost anything. But with just three weeks left to write and revise this thing, I really could have done without the extra pressure and distraction of “Where the hell is it? What am I doing? ARGH!” And I still have to completely gut and revise ten more pages in the next four hours and send them to my adviser. Awesome.