The triumph of good over evil

My Brooklyn brother instantly got what I meant, but my Massachusetts parents needed to be clued in. I’m having a really odd and powerful reaction to the West Side Stadium proposal getting shot down.

As most of you know, my history makes me less than sanguine about the democratic process. Having been illegally forbidden to vote in my home state for three years, my first ever experience at the polls was the 2000 election. Despite this rocky start, I’ve voted every year since, with more and more depressing results as the right wing took over every branch of the government. We went into Iraq despite massive protests. And on a local level, even in such small matters as fare hikes, voters’ opinions were bulldozed over or shrugged aside. Strange as it seems, the West Side Stadium proposal marks the first time I have ever seen a domineering politician denied his pet project. I’m starting to feel like all is not lost, like the democratic system is more than the joke it’s appeared to be for all of my adult life.