A very LJ holiday weekend

Man, every day has been just the most wonderful stuff! Got together with my brother to watch The Good Shepherd and cook together. I don’t recommend watching The Good Shepherd, as De Niro really didn’t know what story he wanted to tell or how to flesh it out properly, but if you ever get the chance to cook with my brother, I do highly recommend that. 🙂 We made roasted butternut squash soup with yogurt topping and a new version of eggplant parmesan. Yum.

Then I spent the day with 1knighthawk, and we wandered Union Square, (especially the Barnes and Noble, my home away from home), ate schwarma at that fantastic little spot down by Astor Place where it tastes like a proper Israeli vendor would make it, and then wandered some more, lost track of time and finally called it quits around 8:00.

Then osewalrus‘s parents were in town for a bris, so I went out to dinner with them, and Aunt Marcia said some very wise things, which is probably no surprise to anyone. I clearly don’t spend enough time with them; I really have to make it out to Boston to spend more time with family. And then last night after work, mabfan and gnomi treated me and my brother to dinner, and there was much rejoicing. I love hanging out with them.

Plus, I actually got some writing done on Monday, and did some more research for my Ben-Yehudah story. I’ve decided I’m actually going to treat it as fiction, not biography, so the things I need stay, but I’m allowing myself to tweak the history that doesn’t work for me. Ultimately, though, I think the core of the story is going to be very close to who he was and what mattered to him.

Life is good.



There are mice in my office.

They ransacked my drawers, chewed through papers and a sack of crystallized ginger, and apparently they eat their veggies, too, because my plants are gnawed through at the root.

I’ve scoured everything with Clorox and called Maintenance, but the plants really piss me off. I’m sentimentally attached to those little buggers, and one of them I can’t take cuttings of if they kill it.

Lukewarm, but squee-worthy

Yesterday seems to have been a red-banner day for friends of mine! My friend Susan, who is taking a year off to write, got her first Alas. We squeed joyfully over it, although at one point she said, “I’m going to have trouble explaining to people why I’m excited about a rejection letter.” I said, “No, think about it this way. One of his assistants was so completely blown away by your story that he just had to show it to his boss.” I’m really proud of her, and I think she’s gonna get her foot in the door soon.

On another front, my writing teacher’s new play just got written up in the Times! It’s a lukewarm review, but the criticisms were very fair, I thought (although I thought it had more emotional strength than the reviewer believed).

I’m just so happy for them both.