Home again

It was wonderful spending so much time with my folks (and yours, osewalrus!). We each took different nights to cook and got pretty inventive: my brother was rocking the French fusion, I tried my hand at Cuban cuisine, Mom did some mouthwatering stuff on the grill and Tateh’s pasta has to be tasted to be believed. Wow. We hit the Clark Museum for a Picasso/Degas double-header and went on lots of long walks, challenged each other at the gym, and played an insane amount of cards. Just wonderful time together.

The flight home was less wonderful–storms on the East Coast meant diversions and delays, adding up to 30 hours in transit with no sleep. The amazing thing was that despite all the horrible luck I ran into, I also came across a lot of people, both airline staff and fellow passengers, who went out of their way to be helpful to me, such as the ticket agent at the Supershuttle counter in Denver who advised me of the warmest place to sit in the freezing airport and promised to check on me before the shuttle arrived if I drifted to sleep by accident.

So I’m back, glad to have gone and glad to be home, and sad that I missed saying goodbye to queenemiwee before she left to start her amazing new life.