Back in Fort Collins, where it’s been freezing and thawing every day with no particular pattern, and managed to hit a patch of black ice on a sharp curve on the bike path. With my face. Bit banged up, but more shaken than anything else.

I usually don’t wear a helmet when biking locally. My reasoning is that I bike about as fast as a jogger, and joggers don’t wear helmets (also, it’s really hard to find helmets that actually fit my oversized head and hair, instead of perching on top and not doing their jobs). I’m also a ridiculously safe biker. Most of my route doesn’t go anywhere near traffic and when I have to be near cars I make hand signals and always assume drivers don’t see me, even if I have the right of way. I’m wearing a helmet now, though, and my brother seriously chewed me out for not wearing one before. Considering that he’s never done it before, it’s rather scary how good he is at laying down the law.