Primary coloration

I’d say my Facebook feed is equally divided between Hillary boosters and Bernie lovers. And we’ve got another month until the Massachusetts primary (by which time, frankly, it’ll probably be decided anyway). I know you love your candidate. You’re not posting this stuff for other people who love your candidate, you’re presumably posting it for people who can both be swayed and show up on Primary Day. (That’s me, and has been every two years, EVERY election since my county finally stopped illegally barring resident college students in 2000.)

So. Bernie lovers. I don’t need memes about how Bernie is hip and with it–that’s the modern equivalent of Bill Clinton playing the sax, only with less effort on Bernie’s part. What I need is evidence that he can actually work with Congress, because not everything can be accomplished by presidential fiat, and if we have another four or eight years of nothing getting done, I worry that people are going to get pissed off and vote Republican next time, no matter how crazypants the candidate, just to see some movement. Don’t meme me, show me Bernie has the respect of his peers.

Hillary boosters. I was a voting New York resident for six years of her work as a New York senator. And while I think she’s done excellent work as Secretary of State, when she was senator, I saw her compromise her values again and again, saw her pass legislation that appalled me, saw her be one of the first to rise in standing ovation when Bush declared a War on Terror. (I kept an audio diary at the time, and have a recording of myself saying that night, “He’s just given himself the power to define this war however he wants for as long as is politically convenient.” I could see it. Did she not see it, or choose to ignore it?) All of that is why I voted against her in the 2008 primary. I know she can work with Congress. I need to know there is something, anything, that she won’t compromise on for more power. Because otherwise, the first four years are going to be her capitulating to try and build relationships, and I don’t know if she’s going to break the habit (or even be electable) for the second four years.

So. Both sides. I will vote for whoever the Democratic candidate is in the election. But if you want to sway my vote for the primary, THAT’S what I need to see. I need to see that Bernie CAN compromise sometimes, and that Hillary CAN stand her ground. Everything else is clutter.


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