Year to Date 2014

And the latest in the ongoing saga of my writing life…

2014 Stats:
Stories Circulating: 5
Rejections: 15
Sales: 0

Nano 1: Within These Walls – Second draft in progress

Nano 2: Cuckoo – Second draft in progress

Much less of everything this year: less writing, less revising, less submitting, even less reading (103 books, as opposed to last year’s staggering 127). There’s very good reasons for a lot of that, the main one being that I started a new job about a year ago which involves writing a lot of mini biographies, roughly 200 words per person. And I’ve written close to 1,000 of them in the past year, which is not just 1,000 flash pieces, it’s 200,000 words. That’s the length of two epic novels, and it means that several times every day I have to consider how to craft a new piece from scratch. There’s just not a lot of creative energy left after that for novel writing. And this coming year is going to be very similar, lots of mini-stories at work, not a lot of time or energy for writing in my off hours. But after this coming year, I should be done with the bulk of the project and be ready to shift to more of my own work in 2016.

On the other hand, I’ve started working with a writing group, some fabulous people I know from my MFA program in Colorado. So the aim is to rework my two novel first drafts in 2015, get them as good as they can be, and then move on to new novels in 2016 while submitting the first two.


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