Dietary restrictions

I’m testing out a week with no gluten or dairy, followed by a couple of weeks of one but not the other to see if I have some new weird food sensitivities or if I just have a stomach bug. (I’ve been having some annoying GI issues for more than a month and figured it was finally time to see the doctor, as it wasn’t going away on its own.) Today has been day two. And since I don’t cook meat in my home, this means no gluten, no dairy, and no meat, which is a little difficult to juggle.

So I’ve been trying to figure out ways to make eating pleasurable within the limits that I have. Learning the taste of brown rice pasta and new sauces. Devouring a heaping bowl of honeydew with fresh lime juice. Treating myself to a soy mocha and a vegan, gluten-free cupcake at a local coffeehouse. And paying attention to how good it feels to be able to sleep through the night, to not feel mildly, persistently ill all day, because if it turns out I need to keep doing this indefinitely, I need to remember why it’s worth giving up a lot of things I love to eat and also to keep in mind that there’s a lot of really good food I still can eat.

I’m thinking about what I can try and make later this week, and one thing I want to do is recreate a hot pocket from the local bakery without the cheese or the pastry shell. So I’m thinking of doing it as scalloped sweet potatoes with red onions, vegan cheese, and caraway seeds. We’ll see if it turns out well.


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