Culinary bucket list

I saw someone doing this recently and was intrigued, so I thought I’d generate a list of my own: recipes I want to find/invent and master. In the past year I’ve gotten ginger blackberry muffins, an intense chocolate cake, and eggplant parmesan, so I’m trying to move on to other things I love to eat out but can’t make myself, or that even restaurants often get wrong. Plus some basic benchmarks of cooking, some of which are blank until I try out recipes and know what works in those categories. As I finish these, I’m going to link to the different recipes.

The Bucket List

Basic Thresholds:
Five Six really good bread recipes
1. Sourdough
2. Zucchini bread
3. Beer bread
4. Popovers with strawberry butter
5. Scones
6. Herb bread

Five recipes to impress a date
7. Grilled asparagus with poached egg and parmesan
8. Salmon with mango salsa
9. Salmon with herbes fines

Five recipes for hosting a dinner party
12. Mushroom lasagna
13. Stone Fruit Soup

Five recipes for hors d’oeuvres
17. Gruyere tarts

Five pot-luck recipes
22. Spinach-artichoke mini quiches

Dips and Nibbles:
27. Guacamole that uses tomato but doesn’t discolor
28. Mushroom hand pies
29. Veggie burger hand-pies
30. Fried dumplings
31. Quesedillas
32. Black bean/spinach quesedillas
33. Pico de gallo
34. Max’s dipping sauce for bread
35. Olive tapenade
36. Clotted cream
37. Jam/preserves
38. Betsy’s chimichurri
39. Knishes
40. Scallion pancakes
41. Zucchini fries
42. Crunchy garlic pickle

43. Tomato mushroom bisque
44. Cod stew
45. Butternut squash soup
46. Beef stew
47. Irish stew
48. Cream of mushroom soup
49. Tomato cheddar dill soup
50. Betsy’s tomato bisque

Main Dishes:
51. The beef stew from that diner by the sem, over pasta.
52. Eggplant rollatini
53. Zucchini frittata
54. Vegetable lasagna
55. Veggie burger lasagna
56. Mushroom-ale pie
57. Mushroom Wellington
58. Welsh rarebit
59. Broiled salmon
60. Crispy fried tofu
61. Fried eggplant/broccoli with garlic sauce
62. Salmon teriyaki
63. Mom’s quiche
64. Barbara’s chicken with apricots and prunes
65. Butternut squash burritos
66. Yankee pot roast
67. Lamb ragu
68. Fish rollatini
69. Fish Florentine (no tomato, mom’s recipe)
70. Poached salmon
71. Stir fry
72. Gnocci
73. Sweet potato gnocci
74. Pierogies
75. Convict’s pasta

76. Lime cilantro rice
77. Israeli salad
78. Couscous with onion/cilantro
79. Tateh’s latkes
80. Colcannon
81. Sesame noodles

82. Cream cheese frosting
83. Pie dough from scratch
84. Banana bread
85. Pumpkin muffins
86. Tateh’s cardamom cookies
87. Sugar cookies
88. Tiramisu
89. Flourless chocolate cake
90. Fried banana
91. Pumpkin whoopie pies with cream cheese filling
92. Decorated cake
93. Coventry God cakes
94. Crème brulee
95. Pot de crème
96. Rugelach
97. Hamentaschen
98. Layer cake
99. Apple cake
100. Plum cake
101. Plum tart
102. Kelly’s oatmeal cookies
103. Italian cheesecake
104. Chocolate silk pie
105. Chocolate glaze
106. Perfect chocolate chip cookies
107. Perfect double-chocolate cookies


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