Nano wrap-up

The first couple of weeks of Nanowrimo went pretty well; I stayed on target despite being sick and working late, pounding out the wordage and using weekends to catch up. I even managed to write something like 4K while flying across the country on no sleep. Twice. In 36 hours.

But I knew that when I got home to my folks, I was going to need to choose between connecting with them or withdrawing to focus on writing. I chose human contact: I’ve got a lot going on right now that I needed to talk through with them, and it’s the first time in a long while that I’ve gotten to see my aunt, and even longer since I’ve seen my awesome cousins. I wanted to be present for all that.

And then I flew home on Monday and had to pound through the work week, and I knew there was no way I could make it to 50K, so again, I focused on catching up at work and transitioning back in a good way.

So I finished off the month with 29,410 words and the following realizations:

1. My 18-month dry spell is over.
2. I am a natural novelist and I have now re-learned how to pace a longer story. I am getting off short stories cold turkey, starting now!
3. I have more spare time than I think I do.
4. This is not the end. I’m already back at work on the novel this weekend, and I think I’ve worked out a good word quota for real life so I can write a good chunk every day and still do things like make dinner.

Feels good.


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