Year to Date 2011

And the latest in the ongoing saga of my writing life…

2011 Stats (as of 12/30/11):
Stories Circulating: 11
Rejections: 106
Sales: 1

Not a bad tally, considering I didn’t start sending stories out until March and that most journals are closed to submissions all summer. I didn’t want to be sending stories out and getting rejections in the mail while I was still in graduate school; it felt like I desperately wanted my adviser’s approval of my work and any further rejection would have made it impossible to write at all. Not the healthiest attitude, and one I’m very much looking forward to shedding. Next year I want to send out more like 150-200 submissions.

I’m not upset about these rejections; a lot of them were long shots like The New Yorker, and I did get a number of personal rejections from good journals and a sale to a lovely journal, The MacGuffin. I just need to keep trying. But what I’m submitting is basically the best of the short stories I wrote in grad school, no new work, so that’s the real challenge for next year. Writers write, and I need to be applying butt to chair and coming up with new stories.


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