Threshold to adult living

I had such a lovely send-off from FoCo: hanging out with friends at Barnes and Noble, lots of hugs, one last taste of Old Town with Trai, watching Game of Thrones with Stephanie, and finally a home-cooked meal with Gil and Adele on their patio, watching the sun set beside the Poudre trail. Couldn’t have asked for lovelier memories of lovelier people.

I’m really glad I asked Oxford for time to do the move in a good way because the Research Triangle is way different from anywhere I’ve lived and it’s taking some figuring out. I’m staying with a childhood friend, Betsy, and even though we haven’t spoken in 20 years, we’re getting on like a house on fire. So we’re working our way through finding my first car and finding an apartment in the area where I’ll be happy. (Happiness being a juggling act of decent commute, affordable apartment, close to interesting things and people, not close to scary neighborhoods, etc. In some ways, Manhattan felt easier to figure out on that score!)

It feels kind of bizarre to me because for these two weeks I am very much in transition. When I finish, I’ll have a job, a car, an apartment, and the start of my first real furniture–a new and heightened sense of adulthood–but right now I’m between roles, not knowing anything, very dependent on others for help, and trying my best to make good decisions that are going to affect me greatly for the next few years. I have faith that it’s all going to come together–it’s only day 2 and we’ve made significant progress–but I’ll be very glad when it’s all figured out, especially if I figure it all out in time to give myself a bit of real vacation before I have to start work.


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