For some reason, everything that should have taken an insane amount of time today has flown by and everything I thought would be fairly easy was extremely complicated.

Moving all my stuff (except two small boxes I’m saving for the end) took an hour. An hour! My friend Steph showed up in a pickup truck bigger than God, we loaded it up, and when we got to the post office, they let us park by the loading dock and use the dollies and they had two postal workers divvy up the work. An hour’s work and $580 to move across the country. Wow.

Getting rid of my mattress, on the other hand, is a huge production. I’ve put out ads and gotten no takers, and apparently used furniture stores and donation centers in this state can’t take mattresses anymore. So tomorrow will involve calls to the dump and the neighborhood trash service.

And backing up all my computer files onto my old spare flash drive caused nine computer crashes and some wonky files. There’s a reason I stopped using that thing. So the epic saga continues, but I should finish everything just in time to fly out of here on Sunday.


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