I can’t possibly have this much stuff. I trade in half the books I buy, I hate shopping for clothes, I’ve resisted buying cooking items I covet because I knew I’d have to pack them (I desperately need a hand mixer, a ceramic casserole dish, a pie pan, and ramekins), so how can I possibly be looking at twice as many boxes as I moved here with?

My main concern is that when I get to NC, I’m crashing with a friend who has very generously offered to let me stay with her and her family while I look for an apartment, and I’m worried about abusing her hospitality by overwhelming her with these boxes.

I should say, focusing on the positives in my life, I’m blown away by how welcoming people in North Carolina are being (and you know who you are!). Although in these three years I’ve found a huge number of really splendid Colorado friends I’m going to miss terribly, I came out here not knowing a soul. I haven’t even set foot in NC yet, and I have a dear childhood friend, five or six rabbis, and two wonderful friends from fandom who I’m hoping to get together with when I get down there, not to mention my future coworkers and whichever synagogue community I choose. It’s really incredible.


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