Just so there’s movement, even in the wrong direction.

It’s been three weeks with barely a single rejection letter. Understand, I don’t particularly like rejection, but I can’t send any new stories to any of the markets until they accept or reject the pieces I’ve already sent them. I haven’t really sent anything out to publishers in about ten years, so this sudden logjam, just when I’m getting really excited about sending stuff out again, is leaving me a bundle of raw nerves (and it probably doesn’t help that I’m in the midst of a job search AND an apartment search too).

Most of the journals are closed to submissions for the summer, which is even more frustrating because for the journals that are closed, I’m going nuts wondering why I still haven’t heard from them, whether they’re deliberating on my piece, trashed it when they hit the end of their reading period without notifying me, or just haven’t gotten to it yet. And for the journals that are open, I’m going crazy wondering which of my pieces I should send to them next and which I should let languish until Fall, when more markets are open.

Mainly, I just want something to happen, because I need to do something with all this restless energy. Now. Please.


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