Life changes so fast they’re giving me whiplash!

I turned in my thesis on Monday and I defend in two weeks; it feels very surreal. I think all but one of the pieces are frigging awesome, and the remaining one is just plain great. So now the next stage is to start submitting them to journals and see what happens, as Gregor would say.

Meanwhile, I’ve turbo-charged the job search, I’m layning two aliyot (chanting the bible, for those who don’t know Hebrew) this Saturday, and putting out a (figurative) fire, which I think is adding to the surreal feeling because there’s no real diminishing of adrenaline.

Plus a moment of comic relief: the other night, at 4AM, my neighbors decided to practice guitar power chords. When I bashed on their doors, they shouted back, “Hang on, we’re just getting to the good part!”


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