Have been reading Dorothy Sayers in brief snatches of time, and have to say that Busman’s Honeymoon was a real disappointment after Gaudy Night. It was basically bad Mary Sue wish-fulfillment fic with a particularly shmoopy hurt/comfort ending. There were moments I did like, where Harriet is adjusting herself to the ethics of Peter’s professional calling, but the struggles with their own flaws and weaknesses that made GN so fantastic were gone here, with both characters either being perfect or being completely traumatized and helpless but never anything in the middle.

Also, yesterday marked the release of three novels I’ve been waiting for, the Glee season opener, sukkah building, and a Connie Willis reading at the local library, and I was unable to do any of those lovely things because I have too much work. September isn’t even over yet, and I’m already wishing I could snatch days from winter break.


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