Oddly starving

I know I just fasted yesterday, but my pattern has always been that the break-fast gets me back to normal. But this morning I’ve had two Luna bars, a venti frappuchino, a bagel with cream cheese, and teriyaki with rice, and I’m still STARVING. WTF?

In other news, Yom Kippur services were wonderfully moving. The rabbis were great and I loved praying out of Tateh’s mahzor. (There is some really awesome stuff in there–for the concept of God creating the world anew every day, they have beautiful scientific information about how often new solar systems are formed and the process of their formation. For the Torah and Haftorah portions, the commentary is more focused on provoking discussion than on providing answers. And that’s not counting the very approachable translation or the beautiful poems and readings throughout!)

Also, during the break between services, I ran a journaling workshop for people who were interested (those who didn’t write on Shabbes/Yontif were encouraged to contemplate the prompts without writing) and I got a great turnout and really positive response from people. A lot of people wanted me to run workshops through the synagogue on a regular basis. It’s exhilarating–I’ve wanted to teach since I was a kid, but I’m still so new to it that it’s a shock to be good at it and to have people really appreciate what I bring to the table. It’s really starting to feel like a calling.

I’m going to go make myself some tuna casserole and see if that takes care of the monster hunger, and then back to grading.


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