Frustrating day lightened by heavy books

Plowing through as best I can, despite being sick, trying to get my lesson plans done, my class’s assignments graded, and launch a major fundraising event for the program. I’m getting things mostly done, but I wish I could just curl up in the fetal position and drink oceans of tea. Also, apparently there’s been a massive recall of cold medicine, so I’m doing all this without the benefit of drugs.

On the up-side, just read Dorothy Sayers for the first time and realized that Lois Bujold borrowed heavily from Sayers to write Komarr and A Civil Campaign, which is kind of awesome, because I get the treat of reading something I already like, but that is still totally new to me. Whimsey-babble is rather like Miles when he’s hyper, and Harriet is as perfect a counterweight for Lord Peter as Ekaterin is for Miles.

Also read The Magicians, which I’ve heard a number of people describe as more realistic than Harry Potter in terms of its depiction of what would really happen if you gave teenagers god-like powers and turned them loose on a school. That’s true, but what got to me was both the fine writing and the awareness that having magic and a special destiny doesn’t change your ability to screw up your life and make yourself miserable. Plus, the Narnia send-up is pretty awesome. (And that’s about all I can say without massive spoilers.) This is one of those books I want to read repeatedly just to chew on it from different angles.

Back to the wars…


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