Home stretch

Roughly 10 days left of the semester, and I have a ridiculous amount that needs to get done. I just pounded out a complete story rewrite in a day, I have another day to write a totally new story, and then I have a 15-page paper and a presentation due next week, and another gut-and-rewrite immediately after that. And that’s not counting regular homework, internships, or work. There are moments when I have no freaking clue how I’m going to get it all done.

At the same time, there are moments when I just accept that it’s going to be okay and I just focus on the summer. I’m dying to get new writing done, to work on a piece without considering length or audience, just take it where it wants to go. For the first time in four years, I’m not going to be writing for a workshop, I’m just going to be writing for me. I really love my classmates, and I think they’ve given me fantastic advice, but I just want to shut the door for a bit, to work without the pressure of performing for them, trying to impress them the way they impress me. I know there’ll come a time when I want to show them stories of mine, get their thoughts, but that’ll be me picking who I want to show things to after I’ve written the stories, not shaping and censoring the stories for a specific audience.


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