Virtual cleaning

I think I may be alone in my freakishness here, but I’m always thinking about my next move: whether I’m going to pack things or sell things, what I really need and what I can let go of. I think it does get worse around Pesach, because I’m already scrubbing the house, but it’s always niggling in the back of my head. To that end, I tend to ruthlessly comb through my books, CDs and DVDs on a regular basis, trying to figure out what I actually read and what I might have bought or gotten as a gift but never really gotten into, or what I’ve completely outgrown. Even though I’m a voracious reader who buys at least two or three books a month and reads even more at the library and bookstore, I think my total number of books has stayed the same for the last several years because of this endless pruning.

So right now I have a few series by different authors that I liked when I was in high school and haven’t read since then, and for each of these, there are some books in the series that I really liked and others I can’t stand. So I’m weighing this in my mind, debating whether my love of completeness means I need to keep each series whole, or whether my need for minimalism means that I should get rid of the books that are just taking up shelf space and keep only the parts of the series I actually liked.

What’s ridiculous about this is that all these books are stored in my parents’ attic right now, gathering dust. There is absolutely no reason for me to be sifting these bookshelves in my mind’s eye and agonizing over them. I think I’m just sick of the snow trapping me inside my house week after week, and all that energy is churning in useless circles in my brain.


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