Gah… finals meltdown

Haven’t been checking LJ or even email for a week, so I apologize for whatever I’ve missed. I spent four or five days on my Trembath paper (20-page Foucaultian/Bulterian analysis of Mansfield Park), just wake up at seven, sit in my chair, take notes or type, quick break to light Hanukkah candles, go to sleep at eleven, rinse, repeat. It took me two days to leave the house, check the mailbox and realize my parents had sent me a Hanukkah present.

I finally finished that 20-page monstrosity yesterday, turned it in, did my internship at the Colorado Review, and got started on my GTA application, which was due by 5PM. By 2:30, when I took my lunch break, I was completely tapped out: I had all the elements of the application except for a brand-new theory paper, because I hadn’t written one since I applied for a GTA last year. And there was just no way I was writing a brand-new, 10-page paper in two hours.

Called Mom. Who pointed out that I had a 20-pager I had just written, and who cares if it’s too long? Slapped the application together, biked to Barnes and Noble for the first time in weeks and read Jim Butcher for an hour.

Still have one last thing to turn in tomorrow, but wow. Needed that.


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