Turkey day!

My family spent Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house in Boston, which was lovely. The food, as usual, was fairly incredible: my cousin Bill’s homemade garlic pickles, my aunt’s apple-roasted turkey, my mom’s roasted veggies, the brisket made by beckyfeld‘s and gnomi‘s mother, cranberry sauce, sweet potato pie, all the fixings.

Since I’m usually two time zones away, I don’t get a lot of chances to hug people I love, so took as much advantage of the face time as I could. Sadly, didn’t get enough time with either osewalrus or beckyfeld, but I did get to hang out with mabfan and gnomi, talking to them and bouncing their adorable baby girls. Man, bouncing 15-pound babies all day gives you a real workout! In our efforts to quiet the fretful littles, we ended up singing a really bizarre medley of songs, Billy Joel, Queen, and Jonathan Coulton and cracking up endlessly. A good time had by all, and now to collapse.


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