Prime numbers

Spent all of Friday in transit (1AM mountain time to 7PM eastern) to avoid travelling on my birthday, so got home exhausted. Greeted by much hugs and delicious dinner, more hugs, then sleep.

My actual birthday falling on Saturday meant not much was possible beyond the sheer joy of being with my parents, but I did get delicious birthday cake (Mom made a little flag with my name on it in place of a candle) and I was really touched to get calls from Sam andmissmazarine as well as from my best friend, who called four times all the way from Bahrain to reach me.

And then Sunday was completely awesome. Tateh took me to a local production of Cosi fan Tutte, which was fan-bloody-tastic, and then all three of us went to an unbelievably amazing Italian restaurant for dinner and listened to two great jazz musicians riff.

In terms of how I feel about being older, 31=13+18, which is pretty neat. It’s also a prime number, so I’m officially in my prime.

And in other news, this made my day. I freaking loved this show when I was a kid, and my VHS are completely worn down to snow. It’s the campiest horror show ever, basically a cross between Fawlty Towers and the X-Files, and I used to stay up until 2AM to see it when I was 13.


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