Finally got a call from my best friend, who is having a great time abroad, although still getting used to the time difference. I’m so used to talking to him every day; it was hard to go this long with no way to reach him. But we’ve got a time set for tomorrow when we’re going to have a nice, long chat, and I’m so looking forward to hearing about all his adventures.

Also have a story due in less than a week, and nothing is quite working. It’s hard to think not of situations or of character portraits but of motivations that drive characters forward at cross-purposes. I have this fantasy that once I get over this hump my fiction will take a huge leap forward, but maybe this isn’t a problem I can master in a short period. Maybe this is a concern I’m going to approach slowly, over time, from many different angles. I just like my comfortable old illusion that I can fix problems by crashing head-long into them until I defeat them.


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