Vacation update

Just came back from Northampton/NYC, and wow, it was so good being with my parents this time. I mean, we’re always an insanely close, happy family, but we do drive each other crazy, too. But this time, no craziness, which I attribute to my having hosted them a month ago when they came through Colorado. I think they’ve finally realized on some deep level that I’m a grownup who can take care of myself (and others) and that they can let go of that responsibility. Which means they don’t feel put-upon and I don’t feel nagged. Win/win. So I got to chat on the porch with Mom and make midnight snacks with Tateh and just generally enjoy them 24/7. Also, there is now a little cafe in N’ton which has THE most amazing food. Oh my God. Walked there every morning for a soy mocha and a ginger-blackberry muffin, utterly addictive.

NYC was also good. Got to hug my best friend goodbye, hang out with him and my brother, compare notes with Susan about her low-residency MFA, and give Amy Cara a long-overdue hug as well. Also had lunch with my old boss, Amy, which meant I got to swing by the office and see everyone again. Also, got even more of a haircut–my hair is now maybe two inches long and cute as hell.

And then I flew home and immediately started doing stuff to prepare for Orientation today. So far, so good, more later!


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