There’s a part of the bike path in Fort Collins where you have to make a sharp right turn in or out of a blind tunnel (right by the DQ, for those of you who are local). And for those going into the tunnel, you’re also going downhill, so you need to brake and come to an almost complete stop before making the turn.

I’m always careful to do all that, but apparently that wasn’t enough to save me from a ten-year-old speeding silently out of the tunnel and swerving all over the road because it was fun. I had to slam the brakes completely while my handlebars were already fully turned, so my bike tried to turn itself inside out and I hit the concrete.

It could have been a lot worse, but since I had already slowed down so much, I just got scraped palms, a scraped foot, and a suddenly artistically-ripped pair of jeans (Brand-new, brand-name, size-smaller jeans I had just treated myself to for losing the weight. Dammit.). Didn’t hit the kid, and didn’t wreck my bike. The kid’s dad stayed to make sure I was okay, at least. But I’m still a bit shaky.


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