Emo update

So after I posted yesterday, I went to Todd’s office to get ready for class and walk over with him. I was determined not to talk about this with him (I really hate being a whiner), but he asked me directly, really looked at me, and it just came pouring out.

He listened.
And then he asked me about my story.
And then, very gently, he started asking more questions, making suggestions, drawing me out, praising me. He kept listening and questioning until the moment we had to start class, and then brought up the conversation again for the walk back. When he absolutely had to start teaching his next class, he said, “Thank you so much for sharing your story with me. I really want to continue this discussion, if you’re okay with that, and I’d love to see your work.”

He built me back up from rubble.

When we parted ways, I finally felt up to giving myself a treat. So I biked to Barnes and Noble, where I discovered that not one but two of my favorite authors had new releases out. I curled up and read for hours, then bought myself a swishy skirt and biked home as the sun set, feeling happy and at peace.

Before this, I’d known that I liked and respected Todd. After yesterday, I realized that he may very well be my rav (mentor) in this program.


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