It’s about that time of the semester when I have a complete mental breakdown and realize that I am absolutely screwed. How I’m going to get all this done, I have no freaking clue, and I haven’t even started most of it yet.

Within the next week:
1. Apply for residency
2. Reapply to work at the writing center next year
3. Professional development project for the writing center
4. Revise an old story for fiction workshop

1. Two meetings and a required professional growth seminar (don’t need to prepare anything, but I am so not going to have time or energy to do anything else)

1. Turn in a brand new, 15-page story (not one word is written yet)

1. Turn in a six-page essay for science writing (haven’t even started researching)
2. Turn in a complete lesson plan for fiction workshop using a published story to illustrate a craft issue (after a month of searching, I haven’t found a single story that illustrates the craft essay I want to teach)

And this is on top of my usual reading, critiquing, grading, etc.

Deer. Headlights. Panic and mayhem ensue.


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