Much to give thanks for

Very sorry that this break has been so short, and that Thanksgiving this year wasn’t able to include osewalrus, beckyfeld, mabfan orgnomi. Guys, you were very much missed!

At the same time…

Here’s to getting as many hugs and kisses as I want.
Here’s to being on a coast where I can get sushi.
Here’s to bright, sweet little cousins.
Here’s to flying twenty miles down the bike path in the bitter cold and seeing the beauty of winter.
Here’s to telling my awesome, lovely rabbi that he was right about grad school.
Here’s to my whole family cooking different dishes in the kitchen at once.
Here’s to curling up with my family by the fireplace.
Here’s to stories my mom never told me before.
Here’s to biking over the river with my Tateh.
Here’s to laughing my ass off with Uri over zombie videos.

Here’s to being happy and fulfilled — creatively, emotionally, in so many aspects of my life.
Here’s to being home.


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