Massive, massive catch-up!

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I’ve spent most of the last month sick with a cold and fever while I tried to plough through all my midterms. I’ve never worked this hard in my life. To give an example, one take-home exam asked me to list all female poets who published a book of poems in Britain between 1700-1710 and show proof that my answer was complete, and then went on to ask another two difficult questions. So I’m grinding away, 12-16 hours a day for weeks, but it’s becoming clear that I can’t think creatively with the fever, and I still have a story due for workshop.

Our workshop teacher did say we could switch places in an emergency, so I send the class an email asking if anyone can switch with me because of the fever. If not, I’ll manage something. The teacher sends me an email blasting me for being so disrespectful and unprofessional as to not take my deadlines seriously. I email him back, very politely, that I didn’t intend to be disrespectful, that I’ve always met every deadline for the class, and I have a note from Health Services confirming that I have a fever. He writes back that this is no excuse. AN HOUR LATER, I come to class and he asks me how I’m feeling. I tell him I still have the fever I had an hour ago, and he orders me to go home. As soon as I’ve left the classroom, he tells the class that if anyone volunteers to switch with me, he’ll make them keep their original deadline as well, doubling their workload.

I manage to turn a story in, actually ahead of schedule, and when the next workshop rolls around he cuts off all discussion by saying I was sick, which is about all the merit he can ascribe to the story. Next! I have no words to describe the violence of my feelings towards this man as a teacher and a human being.

Meanwhile, the laptop arrived, and I spent five hours on the phone with customer support trying to explain to them that if they ship me a nonworking, unfixable product, they do have to replace it without charging me a 15% restocking fee.

In short, I’m really proud of how I’ve risen to the challenges of this semester, but I’m so ready for Thanksgiving break. I just want to hug my family again.


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