Election and everything

Sorry it’s been so long since I posted; I’ve been struggling to get my midterms handed in while I struggled with a fever and cold for the last three weeks. More on the epic struggle later. But for now…

I voted almost two weeks early, and I’ve been tense and afraid to jinx things for days. And then the quick, decisive, landslide victory I hadn’t dared to hope for.

Wow. My heart is so full. I have never been so proud of a leader. I have never been so scared for a leader. I have never felt such goosebumps listening to a politician speak, like every inch of my skin was galvanized. I have never ridden home on election night surrounded by fireworks, and people honking their horns and cheering in the streets for joy. I haven’t felt so unequivocally part of my own country since first grade, when I sang “God Bless America” and wrote to President Regan and was sure he’d write back. Usually, when you realize the world will never be the same again, it’s because something terrible has happened. Last night, it was because something amazing happened.

I can’t wait to be a part of the next four years.


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