Oh, Dell, why dost thou hate me?

My laptop ship date has been pushed back another month. Grrr. Another month of needing to schedule my homework around when the computer lab is open, and trying to write stories while people chatter and walk around where I’m working. At least now I know why the laptop’s been delayed and delayed: there was a fire in Korea in the town that supplies all the processors for American computers. Korea ate my homework.

On the up-side:
1. After working my butt off all weekend, I’m almost caught up with my homework, and by next weekend I should actually be ahead of the game.
2. I’ve lost 15 pounds since I left my job and came here, which is awesome. My pants are falling down. *g*
3. I had a breakthrough with a story that just wasn’t working: the juvenile safecracker is writing his college essay, trying to explain why the incident on his permanent record is totally not his fault.


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