Between the food poisoning, a head cold, and the training to work in the writing center, my schedule’s been way more packed than I’d like for the past week and a half. It’s really hammering home to me the difference between college and graduate school; I just haven’t had a minute to myself. Yesterday, I took an hour to ride my bike and a half an hour to talk to my best friend (whom I haven’t spoken to in two weeks!) and those two indulgences so killed my schedule that I had to skip dinner, stay in the computer lab until it closed at 9PM, and come in first thing in the morning to write a paper, and I still forgot to write an entire section in the rush and got to both my classes five minutes late! And now I have my shift at the writing center and two colloquia that are scheduled simultaneously tonight. I’m working so hard, I don’t know how I can possibly work harder, and I still feel like I’m failing to do right by my teachers and myself.

This weekend, I have to read and comment on all of Gulliver’s Travels, do the same for a 200-page story by Henry James, do 15 hours of research and revision in the library, and read all the creative efforts of my fellow students for two workshop classes. Somewhere in there, I have to find time to do writing of my own, because I’m due to turn in stories and essays. I’m beyond bailing out the canoe. I’m in the water and frantically trying to read the swim manual.

I’m just looking at this mountain of work and thinking, “I took on too much. This is crazy.”


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