Slowly, slowly…

Getting better bit by bit. Today I bravely attempted a banana, decided that was too adventurous, and went back to nibbling on crackers. I have literally twenty hours of homework to do for one of my classes this week, which is made more difficult for the best of all possible reasons: I have a job! Seven hours a week as a tutor in the writing center, helping undergrads with papers. Very happy about this, but I need to attend two all-day training sessions for it this weekend, which makes the homework situation that much more dire.

In other news, got critiqued for the first time last night. This story was, I think, the best story I have ever written, but boy, that didn’t save me. People pointed out grievous errors that I hadn’t even seen, but that I now agree I absolutely need to deal with. And the comments were well-thought out and gently delivered; people had really read the story carefully and wanted to help me make it better, not just prove their own skill by pointing out my errors. I think it was one of the most fruitful critiques I’ve ever had, and I’m taking it both as a good harbinger for the year and as a comment on how I should approach their writing in return.


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