I’m back!

The mini-vacation was good, although I didn’t get the writing done that I intended. But I so needed the break.

Yesterday was part one of my brother’s move, which was… an adventure. It was pouring rain, which meant first carrying boxes and furniture soaked to the bone and with the cardboard melting as we ran to the truck, then driving the unfamiliar, clogged route (unhelpfully diverted by construction) from Brooklyn to Harlem on rain-slicked streets in a lumbering truck with windows that kept fogging up. I have HUGE respect for his driving abilities now, and I didn’t make it any easier on him with my held breath and white knuckles. And then more carrying boxes in the pouring rain, and more driving to bring the truck back, nodding off on the subway home and collapsing into bed, too tired and limp to make dinner. He had asked me to show up at 10:30 AM, and we finally finished at 11:00 PM, so we were both just wiped by the time we finished. And then the poor guy had to get up at 5:00 AM this morning for a work thing.

And despite all that, I had a pretty good time being with him, helping him out, and I’m really enjoying having him stay so far. The apartment is piled high with both our belongings, but it feels like cheerful clutter. And I slept better last night than I can remember doing in a long time. Normally I sleep very poorly when sharing a room with anyone, but he’s always been the exception to that rule; just knowing he’s there makes me feel all’s right with the world, like I’m eleven years old again and he’s conked out in the bottom bunk.


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