I’ve got some kind of stomach bug, so I’ve been home sick for two days (and couldn’t think straight on Monday, either…). Might take tomorrow off, too, if I can, I just really feel lousy. But what’s really annoying is that I was supposed to present script pages for my TV writing course tonight, and I’ve been too out of it to write them (and I don’t think the class would thank me for spreading my germs anyway.)

On the other hand, I had such a wonderful weekend. I wandered around Union Square and Chinatown with Sam, eating ginger ice cream and partaking in free comic book day; I had a movie marathon with Susan and made her my vegetarian chili and she brought over (mmmm) chocolate pie, which was a tastebud revelation; and then Monday night I hung out with my dad for hours, drinking tea and talking. So, not happy to be sick, but in general life is good.


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