Catching up

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

1. Passover’s finally over!!! Mmmm, hametz. Took Susan out for a birthday dinner at Chocolate by the Bald Guy, so my first hametz was salmon quiche, creme fraiche, salad, and chocolate fondue. Yum.

2. My brother is teaching me chess. He’s actually a really good teacher, very patient and good humored, with a good head for analogies and examples to keep things interesting and making sense. I don’t think I’ll ever take it to the level he does, reading all those books on opening theory and middle game and the like, but I like sharing this with him. And I rather like the experience of learning something from my younger brother; I’m at an age where I can really appreciate the experience.

3. My hair is getting longer. It’s long enough to tie back in french-braided pigtails, which makes it much easier to concentrate than having it long and floofy and tickling my nose. However, when I wear it loose, it’s just long enough to catch the breeze and turn my head this way and that. Walking down the street the other night, dressed up for dinner, every time the wind chanegd it felt like a school of fish around my head, turning this way and that.


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