Once More, with Feeling!

Had a fantastic time this weekend with my brother at the midnight Buffy-Sing-Along. The whole thing is modeled on Rocky Horror, with actors below the screen, audience members cheering, singing, and throwing confetti at key moments, and it’s just plain fun. The show was completely sold out, and the line stretched out forever, with an untold number of guys with leather jackets and black eye-patches. Surprisingly, there were a whole two rows of middle-aged women behind us who had never seen Buffy at all; they must have seen the Times write-up and wanted to check it out. There was a warm-up show of fanvids, (one of which set the entire run of Buffy to the William Tell Overture, which has to be seen to be believed) and then we tore into the musical, which was fun, hilarious, and left me unable to talk the next morning. I’m still grinning ear to ear.

There’s something a little bizarre about a choir the size of a movie theater harmonizing together, possibly because it reminds me of Thanksgiving at my aunt and uncle’s house…


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