Hairy situation

I’d totally forgotten about this during the long period when I had either straight hair or short hair, but apparently my hair has now grown past some indefinable Rubicon and has started getting comments again.

Let me explain: When my hair is either straight or short, men might or might not notice me, but they’ll be polite. Longer, curly hair seems to send some sort of signal, so that middle/upper class men ignore me and lower class men stare and make comments like, “Damn, that’s hot,” or “Yeah, come over here and back that up.” Today I got bombarded with it.

Dammit, I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my long, curly hair (simply because it’s an unmanageable force of nature), but does it really send out signals that I’m some kind of lower class slut? I was looking forward to wearing it long again; am I going to have to cut it just to avoid this kind of thing?


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