Writing Class II: Bride of Writing Class

Yesterday was my first class for the new semester at Gotham, and it couldn’t be more different from the old class, although it promises to be just as good or better. There are twice as many students, and whereas the last class was mainly young professionals with very little writing experience, this semester the students are mainly middle-aged or well into their golden years, and promise to really raise the bar: former English teachers, retired journalists, a female mathematician, a poetry MFA and a couple of ad executives who keep their skills sharp by doing their own writing on the side. I’m going to be working extra hard to come in with stories that’ll be up to their level.

The teacher, Jacob, really knows his stuff and how to impart it. He’s also on a quest to get as many of his students as possible into MFA programs. It felt wonderful to be able to ask him questions about good programs I hadn’t heard of before, and what I need to do and not worry about in terms of applying. I just hope I didn’t irritate him; it’s hard to gauge people you’ve just met. But like I said, a really sweet person, and I think I can learn a lot from him.

It’s a much heavier workload than the first course, much closer to what I’m used to from Clarion. I’m not sure if I can maange that while working full time, but I’m definitely gonna try.


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