Having spent 8 hours on Friday doing the First Aid course, I’m now officially certifiable (I would be officially certified, but they need to mail me my card).

Interestingly, the people taking the course divided almost perfectly into white girls and Asian guys, and into people who had seen something happen and wanted to know what to do next time, and people who had to take the course as a job requirement. There are some really right-thinking employers out there.

The course was both good and frustrating; eight hours is a long, long time, but I simultaneously felt like they were giving us too much information to soak up in one day. It also didn’t help that the girl teaching the course had never done it before, and while her supervisor occasionally corrected her if she got something wrong, if she was right but vague, the supervisor wouldn’t say anything. Example: “If you need to count out thirty seconds, you can do it by singing ‘the fifteen-second song’ twice,” without telling us that ‘the fifteen-second song’ is ‘Happy Birthday’.

But the main focus of the course was practicing skills over and over again until you got them right: CPR, splinting, First Aid, and my personal favorite, using a defibrilator. Very, very fun, and by the end of the day, I felt like I really had it down.

As long as I was at the Red Cross, I got that CPR mouth guard I’ve been wanting. Now I can just carry it in my purse in case I need it.


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