Freaked out

So for the third time since moving to New York, I’ve been first at the scene for a medical emergency. This time I knew maybe 60%-70% what the hell to do, and thank freaking God there were two off-duty nurses at the other end of the subway car, who covered the rest. I’ve just signed up for a full First Aid course, because I have freaking had it with only mostly knowing what to do.

This poor girl collapsed on the train and started having seizures, just wham, flat on the floor. We rolled her on her side, I went to use the subway call-system because I knew my cell wouldn’t work, but someone else just waited for the train to stop, held the doors open and started screaming bloody murder, which was faster. She couldn’t talk at first, and the two nurses kept her calm and tried to keep her sitting, and I started asking her what her name was and if she knew what date it was, and she seemed to be recovering okay because on the second try she knew her name and got more cogent. Poor girl must have been scared as hell.

First Aid course and I have to get myself one of those freaking mouth shields, if they even sell them to the public, and carry it in my purse, because the first time this happened the old woman needed CPR, but she was bleeding heavily from the mouth and I was scared of catching something. I never want to have to make that decision again, if I can help it.


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