Happy happy

Despite the massive stress in both our lives right now, my brother and I had a great time on Sunday. It’s funny; I pretty much never called him when I went off to college, and then he was off at college and I was giving him space to come into his own, but after almost ten years, we’ve fallen back into the friendship we had as children. So instead of flopping down on the floor of my room on Shabbes afternoons, reading my comics or drawing together, we flop down on the floor of Barnes and Noble on weekends and have wonderful, rambly conversations. Or we go to his place and cook huge feasts for his roommates, passing each other ingredients and stirring each other’s skillets when needed with barely a question needed.

So Sunday, I got together with my best friend, whom I haven’t seen in forever, and then my brother and I made quiche at my place and I showed him Battlestar Galactica. Which, in typical fashion, mildly impressed him. Sigh.

Man, I really hope we both stay in the city for a few years. I love being able to spend this kind of time with him whenever I want.


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