Life changes, not mine

Busy, busy week! Tuesday night, my dad and I drove out to Rhode Island for my aunt’s retirement. Most of you are related to her and know exactly how cool she is, but for those of you who aren’t, my aunt is a city planner who got a doctorate back when women didn’t do that sort of thing. She did a tremendous amount of good for urban development, but she also had a huge impact on the women who came after her, creating a support network and mentorships in the previously male-dominated field. Tuesday night, person after person got up to say how incredible she was, and as each piece of praise unfolded, the enormous range and extent of her work in transforming communities was made clearer and more staggering.

Then today is the seminary graduation ceremonies, and I came in early to go to shaharit, where my dad gave a beautiful d’var torah on the laws of jubilee and Rashi’s question about what these laws are doing at Sinai. And now, off to the siyyum!


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