I was born 33 minutes and 27 years ago today! The big moment came in the middle of minhah, so my mom gave me a kiss then and my dad cheerfully announced it to everyone there, much to my embarrassment (what are parents for?). Plus, a rabbi who was a Princeton student back in the day saw me earlier, gave me a big hug and a kiss, and reminded me, “I was there for your actual birth day.”

This weekend has been amazing. Uri and I went to the Nuyorikan for slam poetry and didn’t get back until after two in the morning. Sam came in to the city and took me out for bread pudding at my favorite little place down in the Village and gave me a bottle of The Macallan that had me waxing rhapsodic, my parents took us out for dinner at Deli Kasbah, which was just a wonderful, sweet evening, and gave me poetry (which I adored) and pots and pans (which I needed). Then Sam and I saw both halves of Kill Bill back to back, collapsed in exhaustion about one in the morning, and I trotted off to work, where I discovered that someone on LJ had written a really beautiful birthday tribute to me for my fanfic (which I write under a pen name), and my mother gave me a bouquet of tulips and helped me get my head straight on how I should view getting older at this stage of life.

I just feel so happy and so loved.


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